You Can Stay At This Restored 1-Euro House Rent-Free For A Full Year

If taking a year off of regular life in order to live in a designer Italian home that’s been fully restored sounds like a great idea to you, then you might be in luck. Airbnb is looking for someone to take over a three story Italian heritage home located in Sambuca, Sicily.

The Applicant Will Host The Second Bedroom On Airbnb

Airbnb representatives said in a statement: “With a newfound flexibility to live and work remotely, one person will be given the opportunity to relocate to Sicily with their family, partner, or friend and move into this uniquely restored house.”

Sambuca made headlines in 2019 when the town announced that it was creating a campaign that would sell old dilapidated homes for just one Euro in order to encourage international investors so that the town could be restored to its former glory.

Airbnb decided to step in and joined forced with Italian firm Studio Didea in order to completely transform one of the homes. The Airbnb statement said that they chose colors and materials that are “in harmony with the local landscape.” They aimed to bled the traditional old-school with modern design in order to seamlessly blend into Sicily’s architecture.

Sambuca, Italy

The home has a primary bedroom that’s been fitted with a king size bed as well as an en-suite bathroom, a huge living room, a fully equipped chef’s kitchen, a work space, a mezzanine bedroom and with another king sized bed. There’s also an upper floor that includes another living space that has a queen sized sofa bed.

Leonardo Ciaccio, the mayor of Sambuca shared in a statement: “The beauty of this campaign is that it gives a second chance not just to an abandoned heritage home in the heart of our village — it’s also a second chance to the person who moves into it. We see it as a designer makeover for the house and the host. We’re looking for someone who wants to live with the local population and participate in all the important moments of the community, from the grape harvest to olive picking and we can’t wait to welcome whoever gets selected.”

The Modern Living Room

The applicant who will live in the home will be able to choose which bedroom they would like to stay in and then list the second bedroom on Airbnb.

The company shared in a statement that the candidate “should be committed to hosting and contributing to village life.” The program will go on for a year and that resident will keep all of the earning from hosting the second room on Airbnb.

The candidate must be over 18 years old and must be able to live in Sambuca for at least three consecutive months. Conversational English is a must but knowing some Italian is definitely a plus. Whoever will be selected will have the opportunity to take part in a mentorship program that includes learning Italian and taking Italian cooking classes. The host will be able to bring a partner, friend, or family for a maximum total of two adults and two kids.