Airbnb Has Officially Banned All Parties, So What Does That Mean Exactly?

Recently, Airbnb decided to create a temporary rule banning all parties, after too many guests were celebrating too hard, causing a lot of issues and property damage.  After this new rule went into effect, the company saw how effective it was and decided to make this change permanent.

The Company Has Been Cracking Down On Parties Since 2019

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of restaurants and bars, Airbnb experienced a major uptick in rental home parties. In August 2020, the company decided to issue out a party ban temporarily, but has now decided to make this change permanent and include it in its official policy.

This policy applies to all Airbnb listings around the world. The company shared that it saw a 44% drop year over year in party reports, concluding that the party ban has been proven effective.

Airbnb will require that guests making local reservations sign an “anti-party attestation” that will “affirmatively attest that they understand that Airbnb bans parties and if they break that rule, they may be subject to legal action from the company.”

The No Party Rule Will Become Permanent

The company shared a statement that read: “At Airbnb, we believe the neighborhoods and communities in which we operate are as important as the Hosts and guests who use our service. In turn, we focus on trying to deter the very rare cases of Hosts who do not operate responsibly, or guests who try to throw unauthorized parties.”

Starting in 2019, Airbnb has been combating parties held at its listings, when it first banned parties that were being listed on social media. What the company called “chronic party houses” apparently “developed into neighborhood nuisances.”

Airbnb has also created a “Neighborhood Support Line” to help report complaints if there are any issues. The company has also implemented temporary short-term blocks for guests that don’t have a history of positive reviews on the platform over holiday weekends like Memorial Day and 4th of July.

Parties Will Be Permanently Banned At Airbnb