The Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

With its warm weather, beautiful beaches and stunning mountains, LA is one of the highest-priced places to live in the US. It is so large that it is known to have 88 cities within the city! With so many cities immersed in one, there are plenty of places to live in Los Angeles. Each neighborhood with its own unique beauty, it is like a dream to get to live in these areas! Unfortunately, they do not come free…

Malibu Colony Beach $10.65 million

This isolated gated community house stars like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. It is also referred to as “The Colony” and is one of the most beloved places to live in LA. Well for those that are willing to make a dent in their wallet. This neighborhood has homes selling for nearly $10.65 million! It coasts the water and has outstanding views. Everything at arms reach, with proper security around. This is the ideal celeb spot.

Beverly Hills $7.5 million

The Beverly Hills Gateway is one of the top neighborhoods in Beverly Hills. It is most known for being the home of the Beverly Hilton, where the Golden Globes are held annually, the Virginia Robinson Gardens, and the legendary Beverly Hills hotel.

Trousdale $8.5 million

Located in Beverly Hills lies another famous neighborhood called the Trousdale Estates. This loved spot is at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains and the second most isolated neighborhood in LA. Currently, it houses stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jane Fonda. In the past big names like Elvis, Sinatra, and Groucho Marx all resided in this exclusive area.

Serra Retreat $5.5 million

We have discussed exclusivity but this neighbor tops it all with just 100 spots on the premise. The retreat is created by a religious establishment called the Franciscan Friars, inviting those who are interested in meditation and self-reflection.