You Can Finally Sleep On A Marshmallow Pillow Thanks To Jet-Puffed

For years there have been comparisons between pillows and marshmallows. The sweet treat has oft been described as pillowy-soft, and for many, large fluffy pillows have reminded them of a giant marshmallow. That’s why it was truly inevitable that somebody would think of putting the two together, and that time has finally come.

Jet Puffed Marshmallow Pillow

Beloved marshmallow company Jet-Puffed announced that it will be releasing a limited-edition Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Pillow. According to the company: “The pillow mirrors the brand’s jet-puffing technology, a process used since the 1950s that adds the perfect amount of air into its marshmallows.”

The pillows will be queen size and are made of “luxurious white satin” and are filled with 100% recycled poly fiber fill. The pillows are decorated with the company’s “iconic Puff Pals” as well as an official “Jet-Puffed tag of approval for a good night’s sleep.”

So just how marshmallowy soft are these pillows? The company says: “While our pillow doesn’t use the exact technology designed to make our marshmallows the fluffiest and puffiest, we made sure that the experience mirrored that of our marshmallows.”

They Cost About The Same As A Bag Of Jet Puffed Marshmallows

They continued: “From the luxurious white satin to the fluffy poly-fill, we hope that fans feel like they are sleeping on a marshmallow when they lay their head down to rest on our pillow.”

Best of all, the pillows are available online at Amazon for $1.79, which is about the same price of the beloved Jet-Puffed marshmallows bags. While they quickly sold out when first rolled out, the company assured Food & Wine that they are planning a restock.

So make sure to grab one of these marshmallow pillows as soon as you see that they’re available once again.

Marshmallowy Soft Pillows