What Were The Most Searched Recipes This Year?

Why is looking up the list of most searched anything in a year one of the most interesting things you can read? Maybe it feeds into our curiosity about what is interesting to others, and how much our own interests align with the general population. Whatever it is, it’s always fun to see if you’ve contributed to the data yourself. Google has publicized many lists of things most searched, but this list of the most searched recipes is perhaps the most interesting to us. Did you make any of these recipes this year?

Green Goddess Salad

So what was the top searched recipe? That would be “Sugo,” a tomato sauce made with tomatoes, basil, onions, olive oil, and garlic. No surprise there really, as it is a simple and delicious classic that goes well with so many dishes like spaghetti, meatballs, stuffed peppers or zucchini, and so much more.

Some trend-inspired recipe searches included phrases like “Cincinnati chili,” “marry me chicken,” “mango pie,” “green goddess salad,” “Jennifer Aniston Salad, “quick pancake,” “Bella Hadid sandwich,” and “The Bear spaghetti.”


Of course, just like many other lists on Google, TikTok had a hand in shaping what the people were searching. Some of these included “cinnamon roll,” “pink sauce,” “grinder sandwich,” “salmon rice bowl,” “pot roast,” “Mexican rice,” “crab rangoon,” and some overlapping ones from above like “marry me chicken,” and “green goddess salad.”

Salmon Rice Bowl

In the boozy department, the top searched drink was “Aperol spritz,” and other popular searches included “espresso martini,” “dirty Shirley,” “cosmopolitan,” “pina colada,” negroni,” “hot toddy,” “lemon drop martini,” and “mai tai.”

There was also a surge in searches for non-alcoholic beverages like “non-alcoholic rum,” and also non-alcoholic “mint julep,” “red wine,” “beers,” “vodka,” “mulled wine,” “whiskey,” “pina colada,” and “tequila.”

Marry Me Chicken

All of the shortages we experienced this year due to the unstable economic situation meant that searches for “baby formula,” “sriracha,” “cream cheese,” “avocado,” “lettuce,” and even “food” went up.

How many of these have you searched? Will you be making any of these recipes?

Jennifer Aniston Salad