Food delivery companies have some incredible insight when it comes to people’s eating habits, because they have all the possible data to provide a look at just what people are ordering. According to Grubhub, the popular food delivery app, vegan moment is really all the rate at the moment.

Grubhub Shared Its Most Popular Food Orders For 2021

According to the company, the most ordered food of 2021 has been a plant-based sausage wrap. Orders consisting of plant-based items like BBQ cauliflower “wings” and mushroom and tofu ramen have skyrocketed and increased by 17%, while vegan burgers have increased by 28% as well. The company’s State of the Plate report also showed that orders for vegetarian food overall has gone up by 55%.

Vegan orders were most popular in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland, and Philadelphia.

Apart from vegan foods, other popular items that were ordered were bubble tea (2nd most ordered), birria tacos, omelet with everything, and strawberry banana cream smoothies.

The Most Ordered Item Was Vegan Sausage Wraps

2020’s most popular food order was the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, which still made it into the top 10 most ordered food items, but it slid down to number 9 in 2021.

Cajun fries were the most popular side order, followed by red beans and rice, corn chowder, and jalapeño bites. When it comes to dessert, the most popular dessert item ordered was French silk pie.

While ordering comfort food, especially late night treats, people opted for pizza puffs, strawberry cheesecake, Buffalo chicken pizza, Buffalo wings, and hot fudge sundaes.

What about happy hour? When it comes to booze, people preferred Dutch beer, hot sake, Japanese beer, hibiscus margaritas, and blood orange margaritas.

Of course, Philadelphians ordered a whole lot of cheesesteaks, while Chicagoans surprised us by ordered thin crust pizza as opposed to the traditional deep dish pizza usually associated with the city.

Vegetarian Food Is Becoming Increasingly Popular