It’s no secret that children and adults alike absolutely love all sorts of nut butters, whether it’s peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter (especially if it’s mixed with chocolate), or cashew butter. Salted, crunchy, creamy — you name it, there’s a nut butter variety out there for everyone. But have you ever tried watermelon seed butter? You may not have even heard of it, but you absolutely must try it.

Watermelon Seed Butter Comes Either Sweet Or Sugar Free

88 Acres makes two organic variations of the watermelon seed butter: one that’s roasted with sugar and one that’s sugar-free. Watermelon seed butter is thinner and paler than peanut butter and actually more resembles tahini than peanut or almond butter.

The unsweetened variety is quite similar to sesame spread, but without the distinct bitterness of tahini. It has a very mild flavor which makes it more versatile than peanut butter and can add satisfying texture to many dishes like avocado toast or salad.

Each serving has 8 grams of protein, which is excellent especially for those who are trying to cut back on meat. Just like tahini, watermelon seed butter can be used in desserts as well. Try smearing it onto a piece of toast with a bit of jam, or drizzle it onto a piece of chocolate with some crushed pretzels. You’ll thank us.

Watermelon Seed Butter Is Great As A Savory Sauce

Watermelon seed butter is especially tasty when it is incorporated into toasted or grilled foods as well. Try some on a piece of bread with coarse sugar, and torch it for a few seconds. You’ll get a delicious brulée that’s much healthier than other varieties.

You can also add some on a piece of toast and grate some chocolate on, then place it under the broiler until the chocolate has melted. You can also toast a piece of pound cake, spread some watermelon seed butter onto it, and if you’re really daring, add a scoop of ice cream or gelato on top.

There are so many variations and endless combinations, so you can truly find your favorite use for watermelon seed butter. It’s tasty enough that you can even just take a spoonful to enjoy, much like many of us do with peanut butter.

Watermelon Seed Butter Also Works As A Dessert