Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants truly suffered. As things slowly inch back toward normalcy, there has been a push to bring diners back to restaurants and help bolster the ailing hospitality industry. Cupcake Vineyards has come up with a plan to help bring diners back to restaurants, and their deal will get a lot of diners quite excited. The wine company is offering a free glass of wine, and what could be better than that?

Cupcake Wine

In order to celebrate “the return to dining out” Cupcake Vineyards is offering $6 cash back on a glass of Cupcake wine ordered at a restaurant. The offer is limited to one per person, but hey, that’s still a free glass of wine!

In order to claim your free glass of wine, send in a photo of your receipt and then upload the photo on to as well as your email address in order to get you $6 reimbursement. The money will get to you through either PayPal or Venmo, and should arrive to you within 48 hours of uploading your information.

Cupcake Wine Will Reimburse You

Of course, as with every promotion, there are terms and conditions do still apply. The receipt must show that at least $6.01 was spent, and the receipt must show that the wine purchased was actually a Cupcake wine. This is in order to prevent Cupcake from reimbursing people for a glass of wine from another brand.

Though the company says that the promotion is available nationwide, it is actually available in 38 states total. That’s still not bad, considering the fact that there are several states that prohibit this kind of deal.

Colin Cooney, director of marketing at Cupcake Vineyards shared: “At Cupcake we’re all about choosing joy and celebrating the little moments in life. After so much time spent at home last year, we’re thrilled to support the return to restaurants through our Welcome Back to Dining out program.”

Cupcake Light Hearted Wine