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Cleaning the toilet is hardly anyone’s favourite chore, but at least it’s a quick one. Wipe clean the Flush handle and the rim, give the bowl a good scrub, and you’re all set! Or are you? Apparently a lot of us will forget one important detail…

Cleaning the tank

When is the last time you’ve opened your toilet’s tank? This woman discovered that a lot of dirt inside her toilet bowl was actually caused by a buildup of muck in the tank. Simply cleaning this part of the toilet a little more often, kept her toilet bowl cleaner longer as well! In a TikTok video, she shows us how she gets rid of the dirt buildup in the tank.

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Here’s how to do it

Very briefly flush the toilet. This causes the water level in the tank to lower. Then open the tank, and use a dishwashing brush with some baking soda on it to scrub the brown buildup from the tank. After doing so, add a chlorine tablet in the tank. This’ll keep bacteria at bay from the water reservoir a lot longer!

Were you taking care of your toilet’s tank already?

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Source: TikTok | Image: Unsplash, Giorgio Trovato